Tacho2Safe All-In-One Digital Download Tacho2Safe All-In-One Digital Download  Ref: TS2
Compatible with all types of digital tachograph
USB rechargeable battery
Up to 500 card downloads on one battery charge
Internal storage for up to 3,000 individual card readings
A useful on screen reminder for when your next card reading and vehicle download is due, helping you stay legal.
A bright OLED display, making it easy to see your data any time of day.
Can be used with all other tachograph analysis software types (standard DLL files)
TachoSafeLite Software:
Easy to use offering auto set up and multiple languages
No license fees
Protect your data with your own user name & password
Compatible with all types of download tools
Gives four separate report options: 1) infringements, 2) working time, 3) graphic activities, 4) activity details.
All reports are in accordance with EC regulation 561/2006.