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Analogue and Digital Tachograph Analysis

With over 20 years experience in tachograph analysis, Tachman Central can process your digital tachograph driver card data and combine it with your analogue tachograph charts for a comprehensive driver's hours analysis including working time directive analysis, (WTD), if required.
We offer a full tachograph analysis service that can be tailored to your individual requirements. We do not ask you to purchase scanners or print out your own reports, (unless you want to.)
We do the work for you!
An extensive range of tachograph analysis reports are available to help you manage your transport department. These can either be sent to you as printed reports or emailed to you as a PDF. So whether you have one vehicle or many, require digital tachograph analysis, analogue tachograph analysis or a combination of both, we are here to help you stay compliant with the latest legal requirements.
All of this from only 15 pence per digital tacho driver card record and from only 28 pence per analogue tachograph chart. We are also distributors for the full range of Tachodisc products,and digital tachograph products from Easytac, Digidown and Digifob, also Haug Tachograph charts, Tachpro products and Driver Hour Guard,all at very competitive prices.

Free EasyTac Digital Tachograph Software!

If you don't already have your own digital tachograph download software, you can get a free copy of EasyTac Downloader and a driver card reader worth £119.95 simply by using us for your tachograph analysis.Software updates are free, there are no maintenance costs and your data is instantly available to you whenever you want it. For full terms and conditions see terms page. or call us on 01295 680029.

Free Trial Tachograph Offer

For Your Free 28 day Analysis, simply enter your details in the fields below and use the Browse Button to attach your digital tacho driver card files and we will do the rest !
We will analyse 28 days of digital tachograph driver card data for free!
Simply download your driver card data for some or all of your drivers and we will analyse the last 28 days for each driver free. You are under no obligation to continue to use our services after this. Once you have evaluated our reports and wish to continue to use our services,simply email us your digital tachograph data and send us any analogue tachograph charts and we will merge these for a fully comprehensive tachograph analysis. All you pay then is from only 15 pence per digital tachograph record and from 28 pence per analogue tachograph chart.


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